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The Bank of Bluffs has been serving Bluffs, Illinois and its surrounding area since it was established in1893. Bluffs is predominately a farming community of
approximately 700 people.

It is situated 60 miles west of Springfield and 4 miles east of the Illinois River on Illinois Route 100 Scott County. Located 50 miles west of Springfield at mile marker 71 on the Illinois River, the Meredosia Community Bank has been serving Meredosia and the surrounding area since 1998. The Illinois River has made Meredosia an important commercial center. From canoes, keel boats and steamboats to modern day barges, Meredosia has endeavored to grow with the times. The Meredosia Community Bank will continue to provide safe, sound financial support for the continued economic growth of this area.

Dear Customer:

Scammers are currently targeting local bank customers by phone, mainly cell phones, claiming to be an employee of a local bank. They are claiming that your debit card has been blocked and that they need personal information in order to reactivate your card. Please be advised that the Bank of Bluffs is not soliciting its customers for any debit card information. Under no circumstances should you provide any personal information to anyone who calls you claiming to be a representative of the bank. If you believe that you have been scammed, call the Bank of Bluffs at 217-754-3373 and the Illinois Attorney General's Office at


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Call 1-800-383-8000
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Do not trust unsolicited email

Treat all email attachments with caution

Do not click links in unsolicited email messages

Install anti-virus software, and keep its virus signature files up-to-date

Turn off the option to automatically download attachments

Block executable and unknown file types at the email gateway

Configure your email client for security

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