Safety Tips for ATM and Debit Cards

Using your ATM or debit card is one of the safest ways to get cash or make purchases.  Just follow these simple safety rules.  Make them a habit.  Teach new cardholders in your family the same procedures.

Approach With Caution

a. Avoid facilities in dark or remote places.  If you see people lurking around the ATM, or anything else that makes you uncomfortable, find another ATM and report the situation to the police.  Whenever possible, take another person with you.

b. At a drive-up facility, keep your doors locked and all passenger windows closed.

c. Remove your cash, receipt and card after every transaction.  If you make a withdrawal, pocket cash immediately.  

Be Efficient

a. Have your card ready when you approach an ATM.  Seal checks or cash in an envelope.  It's also smart to endorse checks with the restriction "For Deposit Only."

b. Block others' view.  Always stand between the terminal and any person who is waiting, or cup your hand over the keypad as you enter your personal identification number (PIN).

Prevent Fraud

You can help prevent fraudulent activity on your account by remembering these guidelines:

Take Care of Your Card

a. Treat your card as if it were cash or a credit card.  Protect it by not exposing the magnetic stripe to other magnetic objects, which can deactivate your card.

b. Record and file the name of your card's issuer and the necessary phone numbers for reporting its loss or theft.


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